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John E. Edwards, Jr., M.D.

John E. Edwards, Jr., M.D. Harbor UCLA Infectious Diseases

John E. Edwards, Jr., M.D.

Dr. Edwards is Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and Emeritus Chief, Division of Infectious Disease at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.  He has devoted his career to studying the pathogenesis and therapy of fungal infectious diseases, principally caused by Candida albicans. Following his education at Pomona College, the UC Irvine College of Medicine, and ensuing post-doctoral training at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, he has been committed to research on both cellular and molecular mechanisms of fungal pathogenesis for over 40 years.  Recently, Dr. Edwards and his group have focused their research efforts on determining specific proteins that mediate Candida interactions with human cells.  The goals of these efforts are to understand interactions of C. albicans, endothelial cells, and immune responses.  These interactions determine how Candida exploits the vascular compartment to invade deeper organ tissues. He and colleagues have characterized ALS-type adhesions of C. albicans using a combination of genetics and in vivo models.  These advances revealed specific proteins that could be used as vaccine candidates.  Dr. Edwards and his team are currently optimizing the safety and efficacy of such targets as new vaccines. With his work he hopes to dramatically advance the development of new anti-fungal agents and immunotherapies to prevent and treat life-threatening infections.