Division of Infectious Diseases, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center 
Leading Patient Care, Training & Research

Excellence Mission:                                                                           ERAS Fellowship Application   

  • Quality Patient Care                                                                         
  • Training & Education                                                                        Wendy Rafkin 
  • Leading Research                                                                            1000 West Carson St. Torrance, CA 90502  
  • Community Service                                                                          Phone: 310-222-3813 Fax: 310-803-5620



The mission of the Division of Infectious Diseases at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center is to advance excellence in medicine and research supporting outstanding patient care, clinical training, and innovaton in the discipline of infectious diseases.

Contributing great advances to clinical care derives from our rich experience in translating knowledge from the patient bedside, understanding it at the research bench, advancing it through the development pipeline, and returning it back to the clinic. Our program integrates outstanding Faculty, a uniquely diverse clinical case spectrum, and innovative research to create an outstanding training experience to promote Fellow success and leadership in clinical care.

Join us as we address the challenges of anti-infective resistance, advance new and improved vaccines & immunotherapy, and pioneer life-saving methods to prevent and treat infectious diseases.

Candidates interested in Fellowship application, please contact Wendy Rafkin. For the ERAS Fellowship Application please follow this link.